"I really like their sound. A real throwback sound. The kinda' stuff the British RnB bands were doing in the early sixties in London. [...] A band to watch in the future; Montreal's own, The Holds."

Randy Renaud  |  Black Cat Alley, Chom 97.7fm  |  www.chom.com

“The hottest new band out of Montreal is here with their debut album “Juke” – come out and meet The Holds […] – bring your dancing shoes.”

Bilal Butt  |  Chom 97.7fm  |  www.chom.com

"Their album gives a respectful nod to the legends of soul and rock and roll while adding their own modern touch of good vibes and a joie de vivre that only Montreal musicians would be capable of!"

Esteban Vargas  |  Montreal Music Scene  |  www.montrealmusicscene.com

"Each song has its own personality, but still keeps the signature bluesy, indie rock sound. I’m just gonna say it: I f___ing love this band! [...] The Holds bring the blues back in the most modern way, and by god if it’s not catchy. You need to drop whatever you’re doing right now to buy this record. Do it!"

Rian Cunningham  |  Bucket List Music Reviews  |  www.bucketlistmusicreviews.com